Tutor english online Skype Roumen Nikolaev (Код: 342-116)

Репетитор английского языка по скайпу Roumen Nikolaev
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Tutor english online Skype

1990-1994 - Master’s degree in International economic relations - Major in finance and Latin American studies from the “University of national and world economy”, Sofia, Bulgaria
- Specialization in Marketing Management
1985 – 1990 - Master’s degree in English philology from St. Climent Okhridski University, Sofia, Bulgaria
Teacher and Language Tutor : English and Spanish with the following language schools:
- 2000-2002 – “Cosmos” Language Centre, Sofia Bulgaria
- 2000-2002 - „Alexander” Language Centre, Sofia Bulgaria
including distance on-line teaching
- 2004 -2006 - Center for international economic education;
- 2009 -2010 “Europe” Schools;
- “Phoenix” Language Center
- 2007 – 2008 – Teacher of English and Spanish at the “Roerich” Private High School to teenagers from 8-th to 12-th grades
- 2010- to present – On-line Distance Teaching of various languages on Skype mostly to Russian-speaking students
- 2012 up to 2014 - Teacher of Portuguese, Swedish and English with International House Language Centre, Sofia

* Special Purposes Teaching:
E N G L I S H Tutor english online Skype
- Business English
- Academic English
- Technical English
- Medical English
- Legal & Juridical English
* Preparation for the Following Certificate Exams of English:
* First Cambridge English Certificate;
* Cambridge Advanced English Certificate;
* Cambridge Proficiency English Certificate;
* Preparation for the D.E.L.E. (Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera) Exam on proficiency in Spanish

METHOD OF TEACHING Tutor english online Skype
In my classes besides teaching the respective grammatical and lexical material my approach focuses on creating a positive motivation in the students by means of interactive friendly communication with them on topics of their personal or professional interest and total immersion in the foreign language. I take into account students’ specific personal traits. I make sure they understand the relevance of their own efforts for achieving their personal objectives in mastering the target language. My experience has shown that this way of teaching results in accelerating and maximizing the students’ results regardless of their individual linguistic aptitudes, while at the same time deepening their thirst for more knowledge and practical skills in an area as vast as a new language. As an advantage of my candidacy I can also point out to my long and varied experience as an economist for government and banking institutions and economic consulting companies as well as at the EU institutions at Brussels, Belgium. I have lived and worked for extended periods in the UK and the Irish Republic as well as other countries in Western Europe as an economist. All this has enriched my experience of spoken communication in English and Spanish as well as the work-related exposure and involvement in reading, translation and composition of written texts, reviews, reports contracts and complex agreements of economic, social, commercial and economic policy nature in English and enables me to teach Business and Legal English very effectively and with a feel of “the real thing” in said areas and successfully prepare professionals for adapting their English for their work in these sectors and achieve high scores at the relevant certificate exams.

Длительность урока:
Цена: 1102 RUB