Преподаватель английского языка - Irina (Код: 31)

Репетитор английского языка по скайпу Ирина
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Репетитор английского языка по скайпу, repetitor english online Irina

анкета репетитора английского языка на английском

Центр изучения английского языка предлагает лучший выбор репетиторов английского языка. Преподаватель английского языка носитель английского языка из США. Профессиональный репетитор английского языка по скайпу, преподаю американский английский  язык по скайпу цена 35 $ за академический час занятия. Учитель английского языка онлайн из США.

Age: 26 years old

Language: Russian, English, Chinese, repititor english learning online

Education: September 2004-June 2009: Tomsk State Pedagogical University, Tomsk City, Russia. Bachelors in English (Language) Teaching
September 2012-November 2012: Tomsk State University, Tomsk (City), Russia. Spanish Language Certificate

Work experience: July 2013 – current: English subteacher (ESL), Indianapolis, Indiana
• Teach English as a second language to students from different countries (most Saudi Arabian)
• Prepare teaching lessons according to the class syllabus.
• Grade and score tests, homework and quizzes
• Lead students on occasional field trips.
January 2013-July 2013: Various Families, Greater Indianapolis Area Nanny, Russian/English Tutor
• Serve as a part-time nanny and tutor for two families, children range from 6 months-12 years of age
• Check/assist with homework, cook light meals/snacks, attend to pet care needs, teach Russian/English when requested, entertain the children through games, playing outside, and watching movies
• Repetitor Teach English to an elderly woman from Pakistan January 2013-July 2013: Indianapolis Russian School, Carmel, Indiana Russian Language Teacher
• Taught Russian as a second language to a 12 year old student, including the use of flash cards, workbooks, and various hands-on activities
• Substitute taught Russian for an advanced adult class primarily focused on grammar and formal conversation
September 2012-December 2012: Tomsk Polytechnic College, Tomsk (City), Russia
English Teacher
• Taught English language to approximately 300 students ages 17 to 25, including grammar, phonetics, speaking, reading, and writing
• Created unique curriculum which included media presentations, culture lessons, interactive games, written assignments, and final exams
• Tailored class material to individual student needs (i.e. electricity, carpentry, accounting, medicinal)
• Prepared students for English portion of graduation exam, including working after-school hours
• Charged with passing and/or failing students depending upon level of understanding, attendance, and class participation
August 2012-December 2012: English Tutor, repetitor english Seversk, Tomsk, Russia

Timezone: Indiana, Репетитор английского языка по скайпу USA, цена 35 долларов за занятие, преподаю американский английский язык по скайпу

Уроки английского языка онлайн, repetitor online english learning. В строке ниже возможно выбрать длительность урока английского языка, а также заказать бесплатный пробный урок с репетитором.

Длительность урока:
Цена: 2672 RUB